Urbanización y sectores populares: Santiago de Chile, 1830-1875

Luis Alberto Romero


Luis Alberto Romero tries to establish the interrelations between the emergence and behavior of popular sectors and the process of urbanization in this period when important changes occurred among the different groups that composed them, mainly among artisans. He finds that living conditions worsen for these strata, as a consequence of the rapid urban growth experienced and also in relative terms with reference to the evident improvement of the situation of the elite. The traditional unity existing in the old society is destroyed through an increase of social segregation within the city. He points out that this period seems crucial for explaining further conditions reaches by the popular sectors in the country.

Palabras clave
historia urbana, movimientos sociales, pobreza, urbanización

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Romero, L. (1984). Urbanización y sectores populares: Santiago de Chile, 1830-1875. Revista EURE - Revista De Estudios Urbano Regionales, 11(31).